Garrison Flag - Battle Ensign 



A Garrison Flag is a 20-foot high by 38-foot long United States Flag.  A Garrison Flag aboard a U.S. Navy vessel is called a Battle Ensign.  A Garrison Flag is flown by U.S. Armed Forces forts and bases on Sundays and Flag flying holidays such as Veterans Day.  On all other days a 10' x 19' USMC Post Flag or an 8.95' x 17' ARMY Post Flag is flown, except when weather is inclement and a 5' x 9.5' Storm U.S. Flag is flown.

20'x38' Nylon Garrison Flag/Battle Ensign... $1199

ARMY and USMC Garrison Flag or Navy Battle Ensign MIL SPEC in 200-denier Nylon.   Regulation size length, stars, and canton.  Military-SPEC stitching. Exact flag flown from U.S. Armed Forces Garrisons around the world. Called a Battle Ensign aboard a U.S. Naval Vessel.  NSN # 8345-00-656-1441 or 8345-0-656-1440.

20'x38' Poly 2 Garrison Flag/Battle Ensign.. $1499

ARMY or USMC Garrison Flag or Navy Battle Ensign MIL SPEC in Polyester-2.   10834 regulation size length, stars, and canton.  Military-SPEC stitching.  Polyester-2 has durability and strength but not as bright and visible as nylon.  Same flag displayed from the Pentagon after 911.  NSN # 8345-00-656-1441 or 8345-0-656-1440. 

20'x38' Eco Garrison Flag/Battle Ensign... $1399
"Green" U.S. Garrison Flag/Navy Battle Ensign made from recycled plastic.    Regulation size length, stars, and canton.  Military-SPEC stitching.  Recyclable.

Genuine 20'x38' U.S. Garrison Flags and U.S. National Battle Ensigns.  The hoist to fly ratio is 1:1.9.  The star size is 14.78-inches.  The canton or "union" is 15.2-foot.

The specification were set in 1960 by Presidential Executive Order 10834.  These are genuine Garrison Flags and include MIL-SPEC stitching and hardware.  Please see the blueprint below.

All 20'x38' U.S. Flags are not "Garrison Flags" and "Battle Ensigns".  Most are civilian 20'x38' Flags and made with 20'x30' cantons.  Civilian 20'x38' U.S. Flags are like the Flag to the left.  The stripes are elongated.  Also the stars are smaller than a Garrison Flag.  If you want a civilian 20'x38' U.S. Flag - click here.

Notice how the true 10834 Garrison to the right has a rectangular canton and the stars are large and the stripes proportional.  Also a genuine Garrison U.S. Flag has MIL-SPEC stitching and hardware.

If you want a genuine U.S. Garrison Flag/Battle Ensign, then order the 20'x38' Garrison Flags on this page.  For a civilian 20'x38' U.S. Flag - click here. To check to see if your 20'x38' Flag is a genuine Garrison Flag take a ruler and measure. Your stars should be 14.78-inches from point to point. 

Below is the blueprint of Executive Order 10834 signed by President Eisenhower in 1960 when Hawaii was admitted to the Union.  A genuine Garrison Flag adheres strictly to this blueprint.

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