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U.S. Flag Fabric made from recycled materials
Commercial Outdoor Continuous Display United States Flags

GEO U.S. Flags are high-quality, continuous outdoor display, U.S. Flags, made from recycled materials.  Made to fly outdoors 24/7.  The recycled woven yarn is dyed into Old Glory Red, White and Blue.  This "green" material is similar looking to cotton or polyester-2 but is actually stronger, longer-lasting and the colors will withstand fading better than any U.S. Flag Fabric. 

GEOs have sewn lock-stitched stripes, embroidered or appliqued stars, canvas header with grommets or rope header, and beauty un-marched in traditional true Old Glory Color.  100% made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles. GEO U.S. Flags are a fantastic United States Flag.

Perfect for Green Buildings, Schools, Businesses, Homes, Individuals.  Any U.S. Flagpole will find GEO U.S. Flags the longest lasting U.S. Flags.  Get a GEO U.S. Flag and start saving today.

As the owner of ApexFlags.com I can assure you that I see many U.S. Flag products.  "Green" American Flags are an innovation.  American Flags made from recycled plastic is something simple you can do to recycle.  Everyday you see your American Flag you'll know that you are making a difference. 
The "green" way of retiring and disposing of tattered U.S. Flags is to have a dignified ceremony and then place in the trash. With these "Green" U.S. Flags you can recycle.   Trust me, burning nylon, polyester-2, and plastic materials produces a big black sooty cloud and leaves a blob like mess.  The best thing to do is to keep all of your U.S. Flags that you fly. I have an entire drawer full of flyable 2.37' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flags which were tattered, but have been resewn to MIL-SPEC standards. They look as though they are brand new. I suggest you keep an inventory of U.S. Flags.  Why not make it your old U.S. Flags. 
Best regards, Troy Mazzan.

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