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ApexFlags.com Test Flagpole


This is our U.S. Flagpole we use for testing.  The Flagpole is 20 foot high and the U.S. Flag is a MIL SPEC 2.37-foot high by 4.5' long.   This Flagpole flew its first U.S. Flag in 2005.

This U.S. Flagpole sits on top of a 6,000-foot steep rocky mountain ridge here in Idaho.  It has seen just about any kind of weather; including week long blizzards, minus 30 degrees in gusting shifting steep mountain winds, intense high altitude sun, and even an "official" twister.

Cold, Heat, Fog, Storm, Sun, Jetstream. This Flagpole has our “meets the company's expectations” recommendation. 

The U.S. Flag material is military order 70-denier nylon. It is lock stitch to the military order of 12-lock stitches and inch; which make this U.S. Flag the strongest U.S. Flag made in the world.  With an Eagle on top we use two of these 2.37' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flags per year in this environment.  The U.S. Military orders these U.S. Flags (Ensign) for navy and coast guard gunboats.

This U.S. Flag is made to handle explosive shearing and shifting winds. Also extended periods of extreme wind.  Proud in any zephyr. Beautiful hanging down. Great Flag for areas with constantly changing extreme environmental conditions that destroy Flags fast. This U.S. Flag only does poorly in dry sun or pollution. Will self hem.  

Our Test 20' U.S. Flagpole was factory brushed silver aluminum installed in 2005, then painted flat black and a perched silver metal Eagle added in 2008. The shiny silver Eagle continues to shine brightly through 2-winters and three summers.  Eagles can be tricky to have atop an outdoor U.S. Flagpole. The key is to not let your U.S. Flag tatter. Otherwise the tatter will hook onto the Eagle and will result in equipment failure. Balls are best for tattered flag flying.

This 20' Flagpole has a base butt of 3”. The top is 1-7/8”. The wall thickness is .125.   The factory Flagged wind-speed is 85mph.  The halyard is wire core rope and the pulley truck is static which is best on external halyard U.S. Flagpoles.  The black paint is flat black rustoleum. This Flagpole can be ordered in black, bronze, gold and other anodizing. The base is a solid pvc ground sleeve. This Flagpole is beautifully tapered and perfect.

We have seen this single aluminum tapered shaft Flagpole bend but not break, in some very severe winds. After 5-years, it is still straight.  In our opinion perfect.

If you want a 20' U.S. Flagpole like the Flagpole shown on this page with an Eagle on top please contact our Flagpole Division at (208) 319-6526 or email Flagpoles@ApexFlags.comIf you want the same 20' U.S. Flagpole but with factory brushed silver aluminum and Gold Ball then click here.

If you have any questions please contact Flagpoles@ApexFlags.comThank you. We are honored and truly appreciate your business.



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