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What to do with your old Flags?  Flag code says: 

The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning,

Here is our opinion: at ApexFlags.com we recommend you having some kind of inventory of U.S. Flags.  The best plan is to have a Flag on the pole, and a new Flag in the box.  And then a large inventory of your old and tattered, but still usable, Flags as back up, instead of destruction. 

Trust us, we are convinced by experience that burning U.S. Flag material is not a great option.   Yes, we do have some clients who prefer to have their Flags destroyed in the traditional manner; and we ask the Boy Scouts to conduct a traditional ceremony called a  Flag Retirement  Ask any "Scout House" in your area. 

What ApexFlags.com recommends to do, instead of destroying a tattered U.S. Flags, is take a tattered U.S. Flag down before it gets too bad, and give it a sewn or field hem. Then wash in the clothing washer in cold water and light dishwashing soap. Let sit for a while. Finish the cycle. Dry over a chair. Fold and put away till needed.  If you fold them in a traditional triangle you'll have an interesting closet. When you reach the point of maximum capacity. . .

Then we recommend you donate your U.S. Flags to a thrift store so that someone who may not be able to afford a new high quality U.S. Flag: can now have a high quality, but slightly tattered, U.S. Flag.  

The "green" option to "destroy in a dignified way" is to respectfully place your U.S. Flag in the refuse.  You can even still conduct the Boy Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Just without the burning.

Now here is the best "green" idea for destroying in a dignified maner" -- U.S. Flags which are made of recycled plastic and can be recycled like plastic bottles in your recycling bin.  Again, you can even still conduct the Boy Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Just without the burning.

At ApexFlags.com we think retiring your U.S. Flag early and keeping your old Flags in a closet in reserve; is the most respectful you can be with the United States Flag. This also keeps you with an growing long term inventory of U.S. Flags, just in case.

If you have any questions please contact CustomerService@ApexFlags.com

Or feel free to contact our Company President at Troy@ApexFlags.com.  

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