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On Demand  Mass Transportation ODMT

On Demand  Mass Transportation


  On Demand Mass Transportation or ODMT is a site to site electromagnetic spherical cab airless tube system: eliminating sound barrier and drag.


  Tubes prefabricated and suspended on composite slat bow-flex trestles above infrastructures or below ocean.


  Spherical reposition of cab gently offsets high speed g-forces. Permits 3-dimensional transport movement.


  Each traveler initially approaches an "elevator-type door" which when the button is pushed: a public or private spherical cab is waiting: the doors open: occupant enters: then commands destination like "NEW YORK" or "HOME" which begins motion away from doors through distribution system to desired destination.


  On Demand Mass Transportation is financed by Posterity Economics. Posterity is the timeframe of the United States Constitution and legal existence of Forever.  As such Global innovations benefiting U.S. Posterity can be financed by fractions of United States Entity timeframe. For example 500-year bonds.



On Demand Mass Transportation – ODMT


ODMT reduces the major obstacle of human movement - Time. 


Time [when]; which ODMT permits anytime. And time [length]; which ODMT reduces by a factor of moving humans in 3-dimensional electromagnetic spheres through vacuum tubes across the planet.  Anywhere: Anytime: safe and fast.


On Demand Mass Transportation is human freedom of immediate and rapid planetary travel increasing the people-time people spend being people.  On Demand  Mass Transportation endows time expedience multiplies applied to human choice as function of individual liberty.  In essence: when a Human knows ODMT can put them in place x in ODMT-y: Humans have freedom to choose between Life options provisory to the ODMT effect on their relative time.


On Demand  Mass Transportation utilizes existing infrastructures. And Future Society can plan high density environments by utilizing the 3-dimensional capabilities of ODMT.


On Demand  Mass Transportation streamlines and automates human transport through technologic consolidation of human transportation functions into one main transport platform.  ODMT integrates current transport systems into the ODMT System.


Nature’s God [mathematics and physics] entitle ODMT as human endowment. In reality some On Demand  Mass Transportation technical innovations are yet.  But yet: are true.  California Bay Area Metropolitan Transit Council Chair Bob Blanchard sums it up best: “George… This is not beyond the realm of possibility in the future. I will pass this on to MTC staff for their review and action. My best, Bob Blanchard.”   Self-evident: On Demand Mass Transportation action.


Societal acceptance of the On Demand  Mass Transportation sphere of influence: occurs by the individual human freedom ODMT creates naturally.  Humans naturally accept human control mechanisms as functions of easier self-maintenance expanding Life options to peruse happiness.  On Demand  Mass Transportation is not controlling but liberating.


Enablers enable ODMT. Society taps reality by self aiming our brightest most innovative and motivated minds. Technical expertise to invent and implement the working On Demand  Mass Transportation System is accomplished by methods of education sciences and arts.     


On Demand Mass Transportation creates Time. An affect: calculable in dividend factors created by the physics of flow.


ODMT is the practical desire of Humans knowing the reality of Time on their time. On Demand Mass Transportation is Human Liberty to be happier with Societal Life.


On Demand  Mass Transportation


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