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U.S. Flags > 20' x 38' U.S. Flag MIL SPEC GARRISON FLAG/BATTLE ENSIGN - nylon

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Price: $1,199.00
Prod. Code: 20' x 38' 200-denier nylon

This is a nylon U.S. Military MIL-SPEC United States Garrison Flag.  When flown from a U.S. Navy Ship it is called a Battle Ensign. The same Flag/Ensign flown by U.S. Armed Forces around the world.  This Flag is a Presidential Executive Order 10834 Flag; and comes with MIL-SPEC stitching.

The perfect size Flagpole for a Garrison Flag is 70': 80': or 100' tall.

ApexFlags.com President's Note:

"As owner of ApexFlags.com, the nylon Garrison Flag is my favorite large U.S. Flag. The nylon Garrison Flag takes flight in almost any wind, and fights through the major gales. And when the hem starts to go, the stripes hold strong for a long time after."

These ApexFlags.com Garrison Flags are indeed beautiful.  With huge 14.78-inch pointed Stars shimmering when in flight; the nylon Garrison Flag glints and glistens true old glory red, white, and blue colors; which are vibrant and proud. The most beautiful and powerful U.S. Flag in the world.

For you large U.S. Flag flyers; enough cannot be said about how much of a serious "look" difference the nylon 10834 U.S. Garrison Flag is to other 20-foot high U.S. Flags.  The Flag literally command presence when flying.  A nylon Garrison Flag when backlit by the sun at an intersection, will litterly back traffic up at times due to the immense effect the nylon U.S. Garrison Flag has over Americans.

You can fly a 20' x 38' Garrison U.S. Flag off anything between a 60-foot Flagpole like many military installation, all the way up to a 150' Flagpole. 

People often wonder what is the perfect size U.S. Flag for a certain sized U.S. Flagpole. The answer is whatever looks best to you the decision maker.  Our company owner George likes a smaller ratio U.S. Flag flying. "Small Flags saves money".

Most of our clients like a larger ratio. Something in the 20% to 25% Flag's hoist height to total hoist of the Flagpole ratio.  For example a 20' x 38' U.S. Garrison Flag flying from an 80' Aluminum Flagpole is a 25% ratio.  Where George's personal 2.37' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag flying from his 20-foot Flagpole is a 16% ratio. 

In the wilderness of Idaho George's small U.S. Flag looks large. But when near buildings ApexFlags.com recommend 20%+ Flag to Flagpole hoists ratios. Over 30% and your fly might start to drag the shrubs and ground at half mast. Also consider the Flag fly length to Flagpole hoist height factors.

Longer MIL SPEC 10834 U.S. Flags hang lower at rest. So with an 80' Flagpole your fly would be about 40' off the ground. Half the Flagpole height.  A  nice aspect of the 1:1.9 ratio U.S. Flag is that it covers more pole at rest and looks perfect in flight.

If you have any questions, please contact the ApexFlags.com department you want to contact you back.  THANK YOU. We truly appreciate your business.  Please let us know how we can help.

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