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5' x 9.5' U.S. Flag MIL SPECS - polyester-2

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Price: $129.00
Prod. Code: 5' x 9.5' WindWarrior polyester-2

5-foot high by 9-feet 6-inches long 10834 U.S. Flag in Polyester-2.  This is an extremely nice U.S. Flag.

Sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Well constructed by a 100+ year old American Flagmaker.  The entire Flag is made in the USA. Thread too. Grommets also.

The 10834 embroidered Stars are large. Look big up on the Flagpole. Perfect Flag for a 35' or 40' U.S. Flagpole. 

When we first saw this U.S. Flag, we knew it was going to be one of our most popular U.S. Flags. Looks and Longevity make this a very nice U.S. Flag.

Great Flag for windy areas. Polyester-2 looks like cotton, but is much stronger.  ApexFlags.com has many clients who have moved from the nylon MIL SPEC 5' x 9.5' Storm Flag to this polyester-2 version, which they love. 

Be careful, there are many 5' x 9.5' U.S. Flags about, but they are not Presidential Executive Order 10834 U.S. Flags.  They may be 1:1.9 hoist to fly ratio, but the Stars and Union are smaller then 10834 specified. 

However this polyester-2 U.S. Flag is a 10834 U.S. Flag. 

So also is the extreme weather military order 70-denier nylon 5' x 9.5' Storm Flag. The difference between 70-denier nylon and polyester-2 is that 70-nylon can be seen from much further away, but this polyester-2 is better for most windy areas for longevity.  The polyester-2 will last longer then the nylon "Storm Flag" except in severe wind environments. 

Here's a question?  What about a 5' x 9.5' cotton 10834 U.S. Flag?  When made from cotton, it is an internment Flag.  We suggest you do not want to fly internment U.S. Flags.

Here is a "nuance".  This 5' x 9.5' polyester-2 U.S. Flag can look like cotton.  Here is the key. In reality it is polyester-2 and not cotton. Just like the 5' x 9.5' Storm Flag is nylon and not cotton. As such you can fly this polyester 2 version without hesitation. 

This is a beautiful U.S. Flag. One of our favorites to hoist for the first time. Very well constructed by a 100+ year old American Flagmaker. Made for 24/7 outdoors. Looks better then nylon indoors. Please contact us with any questions: CustomerService@ApexFlags.com.



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