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8.95' x 17' U.S. Flag MIL SPECS - polyester-2

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Prod. Code: 8.95' x 17' - WindWarrior polyester-2

This is an 8.95' x 17' polyester-2 10834 Army Post United States Flag.  Without a doubt the sizes of the MIL SPEC U.S. Flags are non standard but have a purpose.  

In fractions, the size looks like 8' 11-3/8" x 17-feet.  If you look at the 1960 Presidential Executive Order 10834 you will see the sizes listed in decimal points. I think the 8 decimal point 95 is easier. 

If you are planning on hanging an "Army Post Flag" inside for example an Army gym or hanger, then I would highly recommend this polyester-2 Flag over the MIL SPEC nylon 8.95' x 17' U.S. Flag. The primary reason is that polyester 2 looks sharp and ironed where nylon will can look wrinkled. Also a nylon rectangular shape, like a Flag, will misshapen more then polyester-2 when you try to hang it.  Also polyester 2 is much heavier and will hang flatter against a wall.  Finally the polyester 2 colors are more vibrant indoors then nylon when hanging on a wall without any backlighting. 

When you place your order, if you are going to hang inside or on a wall you might call us. For just a little bit more money you can have a header sewn across the top of the flag or all the way around your Flag with spaced grommets which will significantly maintain a straight top instead of what happens without grommets, is the top of the fly droops in the middle. 

So indoors we recommend the polyester-2.  Outdoors take your option between the MIL SPEC nylon or this polyester 2 Army Post Flag. 

Here are the strengths and weaknesses between the two U.S. Flag materials 70-denier nylon and polyester-2.  Polyester will last longest in anything but extreme wind conditions. I qualify extreme as any wind environment that blows 30+ mph, with gusting bursts, for extended periods, all the time.  If you are in an extreme environment and have been having problems with Flags tattering faster then you wish, then consider the MIL SPEC 8.95' x 17' nylon. It is built for extreme conditions.

In fact the MIL SPEC nylon U.S. Flags are made for the harshest conditions. Only one caveat:  MIL SPEC 70-denier nylon is a lightweight high tenacity material.  It is strong as nails out of the box.  But: it won't last as long as 200-denier nylon or polyester-2 over time.

Also 70-denier does not re-hem all that well because of light-weight material fatigue. But, the MIL SPEC nylon is so beautiful when flying from a U.S. Flagpole, it is worth any downside. 

We can assure you that without a doubt the 70-denier 10834 MIL SPEC U.S. Flags are the most beautiful U.S. Flags you will see ever see flying. But for typical windy outdoor longevity: or indoor beauty: we recommend this polyester-2 Army Post Flag. 

If you have any questions, please contact us CustomerService@ApexFlags.com



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