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20' x 38' U.S. Flag MIL SPEC GARRISON FLAG/BATTLE ENSIGN - polyester-2

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This 20-foot high by 38-foot long U.S. Garrison Flag is exactly a like  to the 911 Pentagon Garrison Flag. 

The Pentagon Flag was originally unfurled from the roof of the Pentagon on Sept. 12, 2001, The flag hung at the Pentagon for 30 days before being lowered and folded with full military honors on Oct. 11, 2001.

Before Sept. 11, the Flag belonged to the U.S. Army Band at nearby Fort Myer, Va. It was their Garrison Flag.

For more information regarding The 911 Pentagon Garrison Flag click here.

The 20' x 38' polyester-2 10834 U.S. Garrison Flag is an amazing U.S. Flag to see. When brand new the colors are deep and perfect. The polyester material thick and strong. Stitching tight and battle ready.


When flown from a U.S. Naval Vessel, the 20' x 38' 10834 U.S. Flag is called a U.S. Battle Ensign.  You can imagine the extremes U.S. Battle Ensigns must experience at battle stations.

The punishment to mast hardware must be phenomenal with these 20' high x 38' long polyester-2 Battle Ensigns flying at flank speed.  The Ensign's hardware is made to handle the punishment.  Yours too.  This Battle Ensign comes with MIL SPEC Rope header and thimbles. Strong enough for any gales.

ApexFlags.com Founder Note about Battle Ensigns:

Here is an interesting question. What is the Battle Ensign purpose?

We speculate the answer is one of pronouncement. Huge U.S. Battle Ensigns flying from a massive American war armada must be quite a pronouncement at sea and to the shore.

The Battle Ensign material question is one of nylon Battle Ensign or polyester-2 Battle Ensign.  The Battle Ensigns you see in the flotilla above are polyester-2 and look brand new.

Polyester-2 Battle Ensigns look great up-close. The colors are traditional red, white, and blue. This is why the Pentagon Garrison Flag looks so great. The polyester-2 is thick and rich. Stiff and in control.  Polyester-2 hangs on a wall so much better then nylon.   

But flying and at a distance nylon Battle Ensigns are so far superior to polyester-2 in visibility, the factor is horizon lines. Truly fantastic.  Nylon backlights so well, its colors electrify when all else is silhouette. Add waving into that mix and you have a highly visible U.S. National Ensign.

Here is the reality of polyester-2 Battle Ensigns vs. nylon Battle Ensigns in the arena of pronouncement. 

If a U.S. Warship was stationed off of Somalia in the rising sun, the warship between the sun and shore, then the nylon Battle Ensign would glow bright colorful red white and blue, all while the warship would be a grey black silhouette. The destroyer above is flying a nylon Battle Ensign.

A polyester-2 Battle Ensign however, would also be a silhouette like the ship, swallowed up by the massive infrastructure silhouette.  Polyester-2 Battle Ensigns look great ship to ship, but cannot easily be seen shore to ship.

Nylon can.  With nylon flying and the enemy looking into the sun, they see Old Glory Red, Old Glory White, and Old Glory Blue glowing.  Waving. Commanding: the future. 

The picture to the right is a night shot of a nylon Battle Ensign during a war time tomahawk missile launch.  You can see the bright missile exhaust backlighting the Battle Ensign.  If you look real closely you can see the tomahawk in the upper right corner.

This all goes for you whether you are an Admiral or a Car Dealer. Nylon translates into high visibility. The U.S. Flag's movement draws the eye to the source of the illuminated color.

But for longevity in light to windy winds, polyester 2 will last you longest.  If however you are aboard a Naval Vessle steaming across the oceans, then nylon is best.

My most serious recommendation to all large U.S. Flag flyers; is have three Flags in rotation. One on the pole, one being rehemmed, and one on the shelf ready to go.  

Now, when you buy a 20' x 38' U.S. Garrison Flag/Battle Ensign from ApexFlags.com you also get a 40-gallon canvas stuff sack.  This will make your life much easier. 

Yes it is disrespectful to let the Flag of the United States touch the ground. It therefore is respectful to stuff a large U.S. Flag into a stuff bag when only one or a few persons are available.  Add a big wind and you'll see a Garrison Flag Stuff Sack is just the trick to properly care for your U.S. Flag.

One other note: new nylon Flags are slippery.  You may want to take your Garrison Flag out of the product packaging and stuff into your Stuff Sack.  Fly end first. Then pull the top "thimble" out of the bag and hook to the top halyard snap.  From there run you hand along the header to keep it from getting twisted and snap the retainer rings on one at a time heading down the header to the bottom red stripe.  All while the rest of Garrison Flag remains in the stuff sack.

Then start hoisting.  The Garrison Flag will just start coming out of the stuff sack. I personally use my free arm to looped around the fly as I winch a Garrison Flag up the Flagpole.  This will keep your Garrison Flag from prematurely unfurling and lapping the ground. 

A quick last note: When you are lowering a large Flag, in the wind, it is best to grab a hold of the fly end as you lower; and twist the Flag into the header.  This will prevent bellowing and permit you to simply lower your Garrison Flag into the stuff sack. Simple as no wind at all.

If you have any questions regarding Garrison Flags, please contact me at Troy@ApexFlags.com.  Or our Military department at MilitaryOrders@ApexFlags.com

Thank you.


Apex Flags Inc.


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