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U.S. Flags > 10' x 19' U.S. Flag - MIL SPEC ***USMC Post Flag*** - nylon - 8345-01-337-5387
10' x 19' U.S. Flag - MIL SPEC ***USMC Post Flag*** - nylon - 8345-01-337-5387

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Price: $349.00
Prod. Code: NSN 8345-01-337-5387

This 10'x19' U.S. Flag is a 10834 nylon U.S. Flag. This Flag is the Post Flag of USMC Bases.  NSN - 8345-01-337-5387.

10' x 19' Post Flags are flown on all days except when the 5' x 9.5' Storm Flag is flown during inclement weather, and also when the 20' x 38' Garrison Flag is flown on Sunday's and Flag Flying Holidays like Veterans Day.

Our USMC nylon Post Flags are made by a 100+ year old U.S. Flagmaker.  All components are 100% made in the USA, including the thread, material, grommets, and workmanship.

We like the 10' x 19' 10834 U.S. Flag because it is exactly half a Garrison Flag and twice a Storm Flag.

And 10' x 19' looks big on 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80-foot Flagpoles.  Just about anything.

This USMC 10' x 19' MIL SPEC Post U.S. Flag comes with military lock-stitching, reinforced flyend, appliquéd Stars, rope header with thimbles and a center grommet.  This is a strong U.S. Flag made to survive the armed extremes of the earth.

If you have any questions, please contact us CustomerService@ApexFlags.com

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