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3' x 5' U.S. Flag - nylon

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Price: $29.00
Prod. Code: 3' x 5' - 200-denier nylon

This is the highest quality 3'x5' nylon U.S. Flag made.  For outdoor use 24/7.

3-foot high x 5-feet long is the most common size of U.S. Flag.  This is the standard in American Flags.  A 3'x5' U.S. Flag can be flown from everything from a home attached 5' Flagpole up to a 30' in ground Flagpole. Also great for wall display and indoor Flag sets and Parade Flags.  And the price is right.

Some clients ask: what are the main differences between this 3'x5' nylon U.S. Flag vs. the MIL SPEC 3.5'x6.65' U.S. Flag? For one the materials are different. This 3'x5' U.S. Flag is the industry standard 200-denier nylon. The MIL SPEC is a military 70-denier nylon.  The basic difference is that the 70-denier nylon is made for more harsh extremes.  200-denier nylon is for average wind environments. 

Which lasts longer? 70-denier military nylon or 200-denier commercial nylon? MIL SPEC Flags are strong as nails, but only for a short time. Then the light-weight material wears down.  200-denier nylon is heavier, which is bad in extreme winds, but last longer in average winds. 

There is also the 3'x5' polyester-2 U.S. Flag to consider.  Polyester-2 last longest in most wind environments. The only downside to polyester-2 is that it is a much heavier material and therefore less durable in extreme winds. Heavier is also harder on Flagpole hardware.  Polyester-2 also looks like cotton and is not a vibrant as the 70-denier and 200-denier nylon U.S. Flags. But if you want the longest lasting material in most winds then polyester-2 is your Flag material.

The MIL SPEC Flags are more expensive to fly, yes.  But the look and feel and fly of the MIL SPEC Flags is superior.  Plus the piece of mind that your U.S. Flag will hold up in any wind.

Save money by flying a smaller Flag.  As ApexFlags.com Company President, I fly from my personal Flagpole a MIL SPEC 2.37'x4.5' U.S. Flag , instead of the larger 3.5'x6.65' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag.

My U.S. Flag is a little smaller and is also $10 more expensive then a standard nylon 3'x5' U.S. Flag on this page, but the MIL SPEC 2.37'x4.5' U.S. Flag looks great on my Flagpole. 

Note: some clients feel the 2.37'x6.65' U.S. Flag is too small for a 20' Flagpole.  But it is a perfect reserved size.  Also smaller U.S. Flags last longer and cost less than larger U.S. Flags. 

One thing is for sure for U.S. Flags: there are many, many, options available to you.  If you have a question please ask me the owner at Troy@ApexFlags.com.  Or Contact CustomerService@ApexFlags.com.

Thank you.


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