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30' x 50' U.S. Flag - nylon

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Price: $1,499.00
Prod. Code: 30' x 50' 200-denier nylon

This is a 30-foot high by 50' long United States Flag. This Flag is nylon. It is ideal for those of you who want a high visibility stand out straight U.S. Flag.

Although this is a very large U.S. Flag, it is nylon, and it will fly in most winds from zephyr to gale. And the nylon material is bright. Very bright; when backlit from the sun or spotlight. Made in the USA with reinforced fly.

Here is an interesting question, when you spotlight a U.S. Flag should the light be below, to a side, or multiple lights.  To the side is best if you have only one spotlight.

If only one spotlight, then place it to the side more akin to the direction where your U.S. Flag flies. This way your U.S. Flag will be front lit on one side and back lit on the other most times.  Nylon is a must material to backlight. Polyester-2 does not backlight because the heavy weave blocks light from radiating through. A nylon U.S. Flag has thinner and more light transmitting qualities that glow when backlit.  This is why a backlit nylon U.S. Flag can be see from so far a distance.  Where polyester 2 is silhouetted.

At ApexFlags.com we think that when you spot light a U.S. Flag that you should try to have two lights, one underneath your U.S. Flag and then one beaming into where your standing-out U.S. Flag will be.  This will accomplish two things. First it will spotlight the entire pole and a U.S. Flag at rest. It will also provide some lighting when your U.S. Flag is in flight.  The "outrigger" light is then used to spotlight your U.S. Flag on one side. Which creates a backlit on the other-side or your U.S. Flag.  

As it relates to this nylon 30' x 50' U.S. Flag, spotlighting your U.S. Flag very brightly will ensure that someone very, very, far away at night could see your U.S. Flag very clearly.  Backlighting at night is incredible to see when done correctly.

And to ensure correctness, you would want to backlit towards the main population grouping around the U.S Flag site.  Even with smaller U.S. Flags then this 30-foot high by 50-foot long U.S. Flag, you can backlight for effect.

This is why you do not use two opposite side outrigger spotlights. If you do they will cancel out the backlit effect on both sides of the U.S. Flag, which will reduce long range visibility.

If you have any questions regarding Large U.S. Flags, please contact our Company President at (208) 319-6526 or Troy@ApexFlags.com


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