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30' x 50' U.S. Flag - polyester-2

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Price: $1,799.00
Prod. Code: 30' x 50' WindWarrior polyester-2

This is a 30-foot high by 50' long polyester-2 United States Flag.

Polyester-2 is the longest lasting material.  Although when you get into a U.S. Flag of this 30'x50' size you want to be aware that is it a ton to handle.  We would seriously recommend an internal winch Flagpole for this 30' x 50' polyester-2 U.S. Flag. 

With an external halyard, you would need to make sure you had men on hand to hoist, and then a belay team when you lower.  Some clients like this polyester-2 30-foot by 50-foot U.S. Flag, but other have tried and gone back to the nylon 30'x50' U.S. Flag.

If you want our opinion, we think you should decide upon what look and feel you are trying to go with. Polyester-2 looks like cotton.  Polyester-2 is a traditional reserved display of the U.S. Flag.  Nylon is bright and modern and attracts more attention then polyester-2.  This is why the U.S. Military and also U.S. Businesses like car dealerships prefer nylon over polyester-2, because nylon is seen more easily, from a longer distance.

You can do what many clients do and that is have a nylon "summer" U.S. Flag and a polyester-2 "winter" U.S. Flag. 

Here is the logistics trick with large U.S. Flags.  Because they are expensive, you should be employing a rotating system of one U.S. Flag on the Flagpole, one at the re-hemmer, and one on the shelf ready to go.  And repeating until a new U.S. Flag is needed to restock your old ones.

Now, with your old U.S. Flags--we recommend retiring them before absolutely a must, and then re-hem and wash one last time, and then put in a closet with your other old. but re-hemmed. U.S. Flags. This way you will have an inventory of U.S. Flags without having to go out and buy them all new.  Our recomendation is an inventory of Old Flag, because, you never know when you might need an in hand stockpile of U.S. Flags for your U.S. Flagpole.

To start the rotation you should have three new U.S. Flags.  And then as one begins to tatter, take it down and replace it with an other new U.S. Flag. Then take the one you took down off the Flagpole to the sewing re-hemmer.  Repeat as fresh Flags are needed.  This is perfect because rehemmings are less expensive then new Flags. And so long as your stripes are not shorter then your blue canton, then you are looking good.

If you have any questions, please contact our Company President. He knows a lot about U.S. Flags. George@ApexFlags.com.

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