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3' x 5' U.S. Liberty Flag - Indoors and Parades

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Price: $199.00

Our Liberty U.S. Flag is perfect for Indoors or Parades.  Incredible quality at a great price.

ApexFlags.com Liberty Flags come standard with an elegant brass or silver plated metal Eagle, 14-pound gold plated floor stand, beautiful gold tassels and fringe, oak pole or gold aluminum pole your option.  Please choose your options to the right.

ApexFlags.com Liberty U.S. Flag is the indoor Flag of choice for Chief Executives, Senate or Congress person, State Executives and offices, municipal agencies, veterans, non-profits, and certainly for other groups like the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Athletic Teams, Boys and Girls Clubs, and just about everyone. Our Liberty Flag is naturally great for any U.S. Citizen.  

If you are part of the U.S. Military, or other Executive Branch Department such as U.S. Department of Transportation, FBI, or other Executive Branch Agency, then you should display an Executive Branch Indoor Flag.  This Liberty U.S. Flag is for "civilian" applications.  For a Government Executive Branch Indoor U.S. Flag, you can choose between include either 7 foot oak pole or 9' foot oak pole.  Please click on links.

One note to keep in mind with all Indoor Flag sets from ApexFlags.com, the Brass or Silver Metal Eagle, and also, the height of the base, adds about 1.5' feet to the height of your Liberty and other indoor poles.  You can cut down the wood oak poles but not aluminum poles.  Also be mindful not to cut shorter then the hypotenuse of your Flag.

If you have wanted an indoor or parade U.S. Flag, then is this the one for you.  Also get a State Flag to accompany your U.S. Liberty Flag.   Click here to add a State or Military Flag option to your order.  Thank you so very much. We truly appreciate the order.  Please think of us for all your other Flag items like outdoor U.S., State, Military, and most other Flags.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  CustomerService@ApexFlags.com.


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