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U.S. Flags > 2.37’ x 4.5’ U.S. Flag MIL-Spec - DDD-F-416 - NSN 8345-00656-1434, 8345-00-753-3230
2.37’ x 4.5’  U.S. Flag MIL-Spec - DDD-F-416 - NSN 8345-00656-1434, 8345-00-753-3230

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Price: $39.00
Prod. Code: DDD-F-416

MIL-SPEC American Flag. The same U.S. Flag United States Armed Forces fly around the world. Perfect for a 20' flagpole. 

This is the top performing U.S. Flag in the world.  This MIL SPEC U.S. Flag is built to handle high burst winds and is impervious to just about any wind and conditions.

One of these MIL SPEC U.S. Flags per year will have you most satisfied with a sharp looking U.S. Flag.   If you live in a extreme wind area you will want two to keep tatterless.   The trick with the MIL SPEC U.S. Flags is that they are built to handle anything brand new, but wear out faster because of the lightweight MIL SPEC 70-denier nylon.

A typical 200-denier nylon U.S. Flag is heartier over a longer time, but can be shredded right out of the box, if extreme winds persist.  But not with 70-denier MIL SPEC nylon. The lightweight nylon is an extremely strong tight weave that sheads water.  This light-weight material puts less stress on the lock-stitching in big winds.

As owner of ApexFlags.com, I love this 2.37' x 4.5 MIL SPEC U.S. Flag because it is beautiful, strong, and commanding.   I would fly nothing else.

I recommend you having some kind of inventory of U.S. Flags.  My recommendation is have one U.S. Flag on the pole, and a new one in the box ready to go. Then also a large inventory of your old, but good, retired Flags as backup instead of disposal. 

I am totally convinced, from experiential data, that burning a U.S. Flag is not a good idea.   Keeping your old U.S. Flags as a back up inventory is a good idea.

I'm empathetic with those of you who fly tattered Flags. Cost, time, many factors, can result in tattered U.S. Flag flying. When this MIL SPEC U.S. Flag begins to tatter it will self hem overtime in high wind extremes and keep an edge. Or you can give this, and all U.S. Flags, a "field hem" by trimming loose fray. If very tattered: cut from top to bottom the frayed part off. Respectfully dispose or keep this cutting.

Great indoor U.S. Flag also. Perfect for a dorm-room or barracks.  Beautiful up-close.  Embroidered 10834 Stars. MIL SPEC old glory red, white, and blue color matched threads. This entire U.S. Flag is made from 100% USA products and companies.  The grommet header is two inch wide canvas with hardened toothed brass grommets. The 4-needle lock stitched fly-hem makes this U.S. Flag almost indestructible in severe winds.

This size can be seen for miles due to military nylon.  This will be the most beautiful U.S. Flag you will ever see.  I promise.

Thank you - Troy@ApexFlags.com






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