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Flagpoles > 20-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 101 mph flagged
20-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 101 mph flagged

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Price: $499.00
Availability: Shipping runs about $150
Prod. Code: Perfect Home or Commerical Flagpole

Our Company Owner George says: 

"This is the base 20' U.S. Flagpole I have. It is perfect. If you have any questions, please ask me. George@ApexFlags.com

20-foot Flagpole, external halyard - single shaft - silver aluminum - cone tapered - wire core rope halyard - gold leaf ball or brass Eagle finial, your option.

We at ApexFlags.com are ardent about highly recommending single shaft Flagpoles when possible.  If you are looking for a 20' Flagpole please make sure you get a single shaft, like here at ApexFlags.com.  That is if you want your Flagpole to last decades.

Cheep multi-section and telescoping 20' Flagpoles will not last you the decades of minimal maintenance that this 20' single shaft beautiful Flagpole will supply you.

This ApexFlags.com 20' U.S. Flagpole comes with a wire core rope external halyard.  Also comes with a 4" gold leaf copper Ball or Brass Eagle option. Select the option you want to the right. You also get your first Flag free, which is a 2.37' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag.

What you will notice with this Flagpole is flagpole sway in heavy winds.  The way to prevent swaying is to purchase a 20' Flagpole with a higher windspeed which will cut down on Flagpole sway in normal winds.  Click here from a thicker 20' U.S. Flagpole.

This U.S. Flagpole has a windspeed rating of 122-mph unflagged and 101 flagged.  This is flying the included 2.37' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag.  A 5' x 8' U.S. Flag maxes out this Flagpole at 85 mph. And in all cases, if you fly a polyester-2 U.S. Flag then figure lower top miles per hour windspeed. 

NOTE: Polyester-2 U.S. Flags are heavy and hard on hardware when wet and windy.  You might want to consider a thicker 20' U.S. Flagpole if you plan to fly Poly-2.

If you have questions then please contact the ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com

Or contact our Company Founder George at email George@ApexFlags.com.


















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