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Flagpoles > 30-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 60 mph flagged
30-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 60 mph flagged

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Price: $999.00

This is a 30-foot tall, external halyard, tapered aluminum Flagpole.

This Flagpole is an excellent price. The flagged windspeed is 60 mph when you fly the recommended MIL SPEC 5' x 9.5' U.S. Flag from this Flagpole.

Comes with wire-core rope halyard, gold leaf copper ball, solid brass hardware, ground sleeve flash collar, and full installation instructions.

Here at ApexFlags.com we love external halyard Flagpoles. But, we also love internal halyard Flagpoles.  What is the difference between external and internal Flagpoles?

Well in the arena of Flag flight, an external halyard Flagpole, trimmed right, snaps to attention better than internal halyard.

But internal halyard Flagpoles fly in ways that are impossible with an external halyard Flagpole. An example is the "billow and hover" you'll see internal halyard Flagpole Flags do. 

Also you cannot beat the "perfect Flag" that results from the internal halyard with 360-degree rotating pulley trucks.  Add in locking access door, and you have the perfect Flagpole; and internal halyard Flagpole.

If price is your first option; then get an external halyard Flagpole.  You'll look sharp and enjoy the external halyard Flagpole, especially in high winds.

On the other hand, the internal halyard, in conjunction with the rotating pulley truck, flies a perfect Flag. Except for in very high winds.

Our experiential observations, obtained from handling countless types of Flagpoles and Flags, tells us that external halyard is more stable in high winds then internal halyard.


In high winds the internal halyard Flagpole Flags want to billow, which creates a sail, and puts extreme conditions upon the Flagpole and hardware.

Our owner George tells a story: "One time I saw a 20' x 38' Garrison Flag billow and sail because the retainer ring broke.  That was scary. This huge U.S. Flag, in 40+ mile per hour gusts, was literally yanking that 80' Flagpole back and forth like a wet noodle.  Seriously.

"I have also seen this same 80' U.S. Flagpole hurl it's 14-lbs counter-weight, which broke from material fatigue. I'm seriously glad I was not under that pole when that counter-weight let loose.

"I personally wear a hard hat and shatter proof glasses, when handling any Flagpole. As you can imagine I service many different client Flagpoles in many different stages of age.  Head and eye protection are a must. A Flag's fly end can bull whip you in the eye and blind you. So be careful handling any Flag in high winds.  Many death and death defying stories exist about Flagpole Balls which have come off in the act of raising and or lowing a Flags."

Flagpoles can be dangerous. Please use safety and precaution anytime handling a Flagpole.

The simple fact is that the weakest part of any Flagpole is the halyard. Make sure your halyards are strong. If they snap, you at minimum have a broken Flagpole, and your U.S. Flag on the ground. At worst, a break at the wrong time, and you could be standing underneath.

So internal halyard Flagpoles can have their drawbacks in high winds and poor maintenance. But if you make sure and check your hardware, especially halyards, retainer rings, and counter-weights, then you'll be good.  But there is no doubt that internal halyard Flagpoles are much more dangerous then external halyard.

This 30-foot external halyard Flagpole is beautiful and one of our best selling Flagpoles. From this 30-footer you have many options for U.S. Flags; you can fly the MIL SPEC 5' x 9.5' U.S. Flag or a 6' x 10' U.S. or even 8' x 12' U.S. Flag.  To increase the 70 mph flagged windspeed, fly the 3.5' x 6.65' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag from this 30-footer in real inclement weather. 

Avoid large polyester-2 U.S. Flags on this Flagpole. The windspeeds are for nylon Flags. Polyester-2 is twice as heavy as nylon, and 5-times as heavy in windy and wet weather.

If you're looking to save money, but still want a very high quality made in the U.S.A. Flagpole, then this 30' External Halyard Flagpole from ApexFlags.com is perfect for you.

If you have any questions, please contact our Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.














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