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Flagpoles > 30-foot Internal Halyard 125 mph flagged
30-foot Internal Halyard 125 mph flagged

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This 30-foot, internal halyard, tapered aluminum, single shaft,  U.S. Flagpole is perfect.  Wind rated to 125 mph, with the the recommended and included 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag flying. This 30' Flagpole will last decades.

Internal halyard Flagpoles are for those who want the "perfect" flying U.S. Flag in any wind direction.  The "perfect" Flag is a result of the internal halyard and 360-degree rotating pulley truck. No matter what the wind direction; this ApexFlags.com 30-footer will be flying proudly. 

Lasting decades; this 30' Flagpole is the highest quality Flagpole available in the world; and is very low on maintenance. 

Quality which includes:

  • A beautifully tapered brushed silver aluminum single shaft pole

  • Wire-core rope halyard for extra durability

  • Hardened brass hardware

  • Locking access door

  • Neo classical 22-karat gold leaf copper ball on top.

  • Elegant, strong, and functional.  Beautiful, proud, and strong.

  • You are going to love this Flagpole.  

Gold leaf copper balls are essential to keeping a lustrous gold color atop you U.S. Flagpole. The standard aluminum Flagpole balls are weak, and fade very quickly into an old beer can silver gold color. 

But gold leaf has just that special touch of perfect color and texture.  And the base copper ball is strong.  And the spindle will stay straight.  Gold leaf balls make a significant impact, on the impact of your U.S. Flagpole.

Another feature of this 30-foot, 125 mph flagged, internal halyard Flagpole is a key locking security door for access to the halyard cam cleat inside the shaft of the Flagpole. 

Peace of mind is what you get with internal halyard Flagpoles. Peace; knowing your U.S. Flag is flying perfectly, and mind that it is secure from unauthorized lowering.

When you do raise and lower your U.S. Flag, you first unlock the Flagpole door, You'll find the rope halyard and cam cleat inside the Flagpole shaft.  It's easy.

If you have a choice between external and internal Flagpoles, we would recommend internal. The "perfect Flag" aspect is worth the extra money. Yet an external halyard purist might say otherwise. With an external halyard you can really fine tune a Flag.

Here is something interesting at ApexFlags.com; unless you indicate otherwise, all of our internal halyard Flagpoles are rotating pulley truck. And all of our external halyard Flagpoles are stationary pulley truck. 

The reason is that: rotating pulley trucks work great on internal halyard Flagpoles. However, rotating pulley trucks on external halyard Flagpoles almost always result in a sloppy flying flag. This is the result of the twisting of the rotating pulley truck pulling on the fixed cleat halyard knot. The result is halyard slack. Or halyard wrap around your Flagpole.

Either way, ApexFlags.com does not recommend rotation pulley trucks on external halyard Flagpoles. Better to have occasional Flag wrap with a stationary truck: then a loose, wiggly, sloppy, slack halyard Flag that rotating pulley trucks create on top of external halyard Flagpoles.

But not with internal halyard Flagpoles. Rotating pulley trucks are a must for a perfect flying U.S. Flag. This is because the halyard rope runs up the inside of the Flagpole, and then out the pulley truck, to a counter-weight, secured by a retainer ring.  Instead of the halyard proceeding all the way down the shaft to complete the loop as is done with external halyard Flagpoles.

And because the loop is not completed on internal halyard Flagpoles, the Flag can spin, and spin, and spin, around your Flagpole. Flying you a perfect Flag in any wind direction. Even in shifting winds, the internal halyard Flagpole will adjust your Flag to fly perfect off the pole.  All the time.

Our owner George says: "I rarely see an internal halyard Flagpole that is not flying a 'perfect' Flag."   

NOTE: When you raise your Flag to the top of your internal rope halyard Flagpole you will have lots of excess halyard.  This halyard is stuffed into the shaft and is unseen when the access door is closed.

One warning however. If you live in a cold climate, make sure you coil your halyard rope. Don't just shove it down the shaft. What happens is that your Flagpole may collect water overtime in the bottom of the ground sleeve. If your excess halyard is loose to the bottom of the shaft, and therefore loosely lying in the bottom of the ground sleeve, then when that water freezes, you can forget about lowering your Flag. 

Thoughts of cutting the loose halyard should be reconsidered.  Our owner George has experiential knowledge that cutting an internal halyard that is frozen, is a very bad idea because now your cut halyard will be too short to lower your Flag the entire way. So coil the halyard in cold weather.

Here are some final thoughts about this 30' U.S. Flagpole.  It is the best appointed U.S. Flagpole you can purchase. Perfect for a two story home or commercial building.  We love the look of the 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag flying from a 30' internal halyard Flagpole. You will too, because one is included in the price of your Flagpole.

If you have any questions, please contact the ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.


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