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Flagpoles > 35-foot - Internal Cleat Halyard: 86 mph flagged
35-foot - Internal Cleat Halyard: 86 mph flagged

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This is a 35-foot internal halyard Flagpole. I have so many clients who have ordered this Flagpole and like it very much. Good height decent price good windspeed rating: includes gold leaf copper ball. Plus the windspeed rating is 86-mph when flying the first free and included 6' x 10' first U.S. Flag free.

What I like about the 35' size is that you can install it into the ground sleeve without a crane.  Help a high school football team earn some extra bucks by helping to lift your Flagpole into the ground. With many persons it is easy.

Don't manually install a Flagpole over 45' however.

Also the windspeed rating will have much to do with how heavy the Flagpole is.  If you are installing a Tornado Flagpole then I would only recommend a crane, since the weight of the  35-foot Tornado Flagpole is quite excessive due to thicker wall thicknesses and also large butt and top diameter.

But this 35-footer you can manually install. And what a beautiful Flagpole. I have sold and also installed quite a few of these. What feature do I like best about the 35-foot internal halyard Flagpole? 

I like the perfect flying Flag in any wind direction that the internal halyard Flagpoles provide.  Now in my personal opinion you can trim the halyards of an external halyard Flagpole more finely then with an internal halyard Flagpole.

This is because an external halyard Flagpole has a complete loop which halyard tension can be applied by a tighter cleat knot.  But with the internal halyard flagpole the downward tension is only as great as the Flag + counter-weight. 

A counter-weight which becomes lighter the harder the winds blow.  In very high winds you will see internal halyard Flagpole Flags begin to collapse upon themselves. Billowing and forming a sail which catches the wind and caused violent shacking and whipping back and forth action upon the Flagpole.

This billowing can be elevated through the use of retainer rings. For example this 35-Flagpole has one retainer ring. It is the ring that retains the counterweight and bottom of the Flag to the Flagpole. However no other retainer ring is included.

However, on a large 80' U.S. Flagpole, flying a 20' x 38' Garrison Flag, then there are grommets sewn every five feet down the header. Those grommets are attachment points for retainer rings.

On a 10'- and 12-foot high Flag, you'll see one grommet in the exact middle of the header. With the "thimbles" at the top and bottom of the header. 

On a 6' x 10' U.S. Flag, like comes included with this 35' internal halyard Flagpole, there are no retainer ring grommets. Only the standard one top and one bottom grommet on the header.

This is because the 6' x 10' is felt too small to be concerned with billowing created by high winds effecting an internal halyard Flagpole. But a 20' x 38' Garrison Flag? It needs retainer rings. Simply the larger area causes more billowed effect.  I would not fly over an 8-foot high U.S. Flag without at least one middle retainer ring.

Also you'll find that retainer rings on large Flags can increase the longevity of your Flags. The reason is simple. The less billowing, then the less snapping and big pumping forces on the fly end of the Flag's material and stitching.

When a U.S. Flag is drawn tight, like on an external stationary halyard Flagpole, then the winds slides off the Flag efficiently. Resulting in more longevity on the Flagpole.

Still, if I had a choice and wanted a great set up for a large home or medium commercial building, then I like this internal halyard Flagpoles for you because it flies the perfect Flag.

If you have any questions, please let me know. George@ApexFlags.com.

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