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Flagpoles > 40-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 101 mph flagged
40-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 101 mph flagged

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This is a 40' high, external halyard, two section tapered, aluminum, Flagpole.  Made in the USA, the windspeed rating is 101 mph when flying the ApexFlags.com recommende 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC "Storm" U.S. Flag.  The unflagged windspeed is 122 mph.

An 8' x 12' U.S. Flag has a flagged windspeed of 91-mph and looks perfect on this Flagpole.  A MIL SPEC 8.95' x 17' U.S. Flag looks best.   40' Flagpoles have lots of options for displaying the U.S. Flag. 

This 40' Flagpole is right for the price with a gold leaf copper ball, solid brass hardware; and a taper that is dynamic and proud.

Where you will notice a difference between this 101 mph flagged 40' Flagpole; and the 40-foot external halyard 140-mph government grade, and 175+ mph Tornado Flagpoles; is waggle. 

Waggle is what a Flagpole does when the wind blows hard and the Flagpole waggles around as the Flag tugs and pulls.  With a higher flagged windspeed Flagpole you will see less waggle.  Standing firm and straight.

Taper is effected by windspeed ratings. The lower the windspeeds, the skinner the pole.  The higher the "stockier" the taper of the pole.  You'll find that our ApexFlags.com middle windspeed Flagpoles have the most beautiful of the tapers. "Decisions, decisions!" Company Chairman George says.

With this 40', 101 mph flagged, external halyard Flagpole; you'll have the piece of mind that your Flagpole can withstand winds up to 101 mph flagged.

In Boise Idaho where we are Headquartered out highest ever wind was 73-mph.  For those of you like us, then this is a perfect 40' Flagpole.

One thing is for sure; ApexFlags.com "standard" is wire-core rope halyard on All Flagpoles unless internal winch; and then the halyard is wire-cable only.

The the wire-core rope on this 40' external halyard Flagpole; will have you near ready for near anything, that may come your way.

Again, if you absolutely must have your U.S. Flag flying after catastrophic events like Hurricanes and Tornados then this 40-foot 101 mph Flagpole is not for you.

Fire, Police, Military, Government, Schools, for example, should budget and get one of the Tornado Flagpoles. They are the maximum protection you can get. More then the internal halyard Typhoon class. For the rest of us, including our company founder George, who says: 

"My Flagpole is wind rated to 85-mph  But that's enough for me here in Idaho.  But if I lived in the mid-west or coastal, and had the money, then I'd for sure have a Tornado or Typhoon Flagpole."

But if you're like George; he is just fine with his 20-foot external halyard 85-mph waggling racehorse of a Flagpole. Which he loves.

If you have any questions, please contact our Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.

Have a question for George?

Email him at George@ApexFlags.com.  

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