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Flagpoles > 45-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 107 mph flagged
45-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 107 mph flagged

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This ApexFlags.com 45-foot high external halyard Flagpole is the highest quality 45' Flagpole you can purchase in the world. Made in the USA.  

When flying an Army Post  8.95' x 17' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag from this 45' Flagpole, the flagged windspeed rating is 107 mph.  The unflagged windspeed is 154 mph.

We here at ApexFlags.com love the 45-foot Flagpole when flying an 8.95' x 17' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag. It is the prefect size. There is something special about the height ratios of the 45' Flagpole and the 8.95' x 17' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag

ApexFlags.com owners note:

"For me and my tastes; a Flag-hoist to Flagpole-hoist ratio of about 20% is what I like best.  Same proportion as a 20' x 38' Garrison Flag flying from a 100' Flagpole.   20% for my tastes is the perfect Flag to Flagpole ratio."

This 45' Flagpole and ARMY MIL SPEC Flag is a great set up. It is a 19.988% hoist to hoist ratio, and also the MIL SPEC ARMY Post Flag is the most beautiful commanding Headquarters Flag you will ever see.

Also standard is a 22-karat gold leaf copper ball, brass snaps, wire-core rope halyard, and all required hardware to get you flying and looking great.

Quality is what we supply at ApexFlags.com.  With us, you know you'll be purchasing the best Flag and Flagpole equipment made in the U.S.A, which means in the world.And the external halyard pulley truck is stationary, which we highly recommend, unless you specify rotating.

That is because we fully recommend stationary pulley trucks on all external halyard Flagpoles. The main reason is that a "fixed" "top" has a much sharper look then a spinning top: on an external halyard Flagpole. Internal halyard Flagpoles is the exact opposite; rotating pulley trucks are a must.

If you set an external halyard Flagpole to your predominant wind direction you will have the sharpest set up, Esspecially if you tighten and snich the included wire core rope halyard onto the "nautical" type Flagpole cleat.  

Do this; and even the "wrap" that occurs in non predominant winds will look sharp. Esspecially in very heavy winds.

Two things to keep in mind.  A wire core rope halyard is critical in taking all the slack out of your halyard.  See with a standard rope you could cleat as tight as you humanly could and it would still pull line and become slack.  But not with a wire-core rope halyard.  The wire core prevents any "streaching" of the rope halyard, yet the rope halyard permits you to knot the wire core around your Cleat.

Complex sounding, but simple. Get your Flagpole from ApexFlags.com, we'll help. We've done the thinking and research, and field observation for years, all to make everything possible perfect for you.

Perfect because you can also fly a 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Storm Flag during inclement weather and increase the flagged windspeed rating on this 45' Flagpole to near 130 mph and be looking good too with the MIL SPEC "Storm" flag battling the storm.

A 45' Flagpole ratio to a 5 foot high Flag is a hoist to hoist ratio of 11%. Which might seem small, but not too small when a once in a 1/4 century storm puts your Business, personal, and citizenship preparedness to the test. 

Actually any size U.S. Flag flying from at least a 20' high Flagpole after a catastrophic event; is what you need for you or emergency services to find your home, school, busines, corporate headquarters, or other location, if the area has been totally devastated.

U.S. Flagpoles are more then just for patriotic display.  U.S. Flagpoles serve a true emergency preparedness function.  A pre, during, and after event locator that has been so critical in saving the lives of countless Americans over the centuries.

This is a solid U.S. Flagpole which may be critical to your family and employees' basic survival. It is made to handle the job.

That is why we encourage you strongly to purchase your Flagpoles and Flags from our ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division.  We are specialists who work as a team with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.  Sometimes without sugar, but always with Scouts Honor.

This 45-foot Flagpole's 22-karat gold leaf copper ball is quite different then the gold balls you usually see on Flagpoles. Most gold Flagpole balls are spun, anodized, aluminum.

What's the difference?

Simple, gold leaf balls last for decades. They also don't reflect the sun back in your eyes. Gold leaf absorbs much of the light so the gold looks really like gold.  The gold's sun absorption creates a luster to your gold ball that gives your Flagpole a totally unique, modern but traditional, sophisticated, highest quality commanding look, that people will admire for no understood reason other they know something is special about your Flag and Flagpole setup.

A serious point to be made: gold leaf balls; will keep your Flagpole looking brand new for decades.  Standard aluminum gold balls that you see on most to all Flagpoles, are oddly shinny and a bit unpleasant to look at when compared to gold leaf.  

Where gold leaf stays the same for decades; aluminum fades quickly into a old beer can yellow and or silver.  Also aluminum gold ball "ferrels" [the part that connects the gold ball to the Flagpole pulley truck] was not very strong.  At all.  Compared to a gold leaf copper ball.

Remember what the job of the gold ball is; it is to help the Flag slide back off the top of the Flagpole after an updraft has draped the Flag over the top of the Flagpole.

This is why flying an Eagle on top of your Flagpole is risky business; because if a tattered Flag lops up on top of your Flagpole, especially with an spread winged Eagle, then you are going to get a snag.  That snag will now create a sail. That sail is going to rip back and forth and tug and pull and finally either the Flag will rip off of the spread winged Eagle or the Eagle's wing will snap off and you'll have a broken winged Eagle.  We have seen it happen. Many times.

Our owner George flies an Eagle on our ApexFlags.com test Flagpole here in the Rocky Mountains . But it is a perched Eagle and not spread wing.  Perched Eagles' have tight wings with no feathers and the shape is generally a ball.   But still a tattered Flag will snag on perched Eagles.  This is why a gold leaf copper ball is great as a standard item here at ApexFlags.com.  With a gold leaf copper ball, you can put your Flag up and forget about it.  

On our Test Flagpole we change out our tattered Flags as soon as they start to tatter because of George's Eagle on top. About 2 MIL SPEC 2.33' x 4.5' U.S. Flags per year.  Also George saves our retired U.S. Flags for a backup inventory instead of destruction.  You should do the same.

An inventory of your old Flags, but still very flyable Flags with a field hem; are perfect in a catastrophic emergency when you might need some U.S. Flags handy.

Many clients ask: "Should I purchase an inventory of new Flags to stockpile. The answer is no. You could order twenty new U.S. Flags from ApexFlags.com today as your stockpile, but we would seriously recommend against shipping them all to you. Brand new Flags derogate faster then old Flags when inventoried. It has to do with the off-gassing of the material.  Nylon especially. Polyester and cotton less so.  

So if want a new "stockpile" of U.S. Flags then I recommend polyester-2, or cotton, or maybe recycled plastic as your Flag material.  But not nylon. Nylon just becomes too brittle over time due to the off gassing of the material.  This will result is your Flag wearing out faster, than if it was fresh and new.

Please contact our Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.  We look so forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Please contact me George@ApexFlags.com if you have any questions.

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