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Flagpoles > 30-foot Internal Halyard 75 mph flagged
30-foot Internal Halyard 75 mph flagged

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Price: $1,699.00

This is an internal rope halyard Flagpole. This Flagpole has a flagged windspeed of 75 mph and an unflagged windspeed of 110 mph.  This is a solid Flagpole. We have sold many; and customers love the look and price.  A beautifully tapered pole.

Internal halyard Flagpoles have many advantages including a 360-degree turning top which keeps your Flag flying perfectly in any direction wind.  Internal halyard Flagpoles also have a locking access door for added security.  

If you want the perfect flying Flag; with the piece of mind of a locking door to prevent unauthorized lowering of your Flag; then get an internal halyard Flagpole like this 30-footer.

Many clients wonder if they should get an internal rope halyard with cleat Flagpole, like the one on this page; or an internal wire cable Flagpole with a winch.

Here is the reality. For any Flagpole under 40-feet tall we recommend internal rope and cleat halyards, they are less expensive and do the job perfectly.  For Flagpoles over 40-feet tall then we recommend internal winch halyard Flagpoles. 

The main reason for a winch once your go above 40-feet is due to the weight of the Flag and hardware to be raised. For large 12-foot high or higher Flags; you'll want the winch to help raise and lower your Flag.

If you have any questions, please let contact our Flagpole specialists at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.

Thank you so much for shopping at ApexFlags.com.  We truly are honored and appreciate you patronage.






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