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Flagpoles > 20-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 225+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE
20-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 225+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE

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Price: $999.00

This 20' Tornado Flagpole is actually a must for anyone in extreme weather zones like tornado alley. Comes with wire-core rope, brass finale, and other modifications for extreme weather endurance.

Absolutely indispensable before, during, and after a catastrophic event.   This 20' Tornado U.S. Flagpole has a 225+ flagged windspeed flying a MIL SPEC 2.37' x 4.5' U.S. Flag. It is the best prepared you can be.

The Tornado Pole can be your main U.S. Flagpole. But can also serve as a catastrophic backup. For those who want to be actually prepared.

Let's consider real world conditions.

Your company's 50' U.S. Flagpole did not withstand a tornado. Your 300-person factory is decimated and injured persons are in need of immediate medical care.  What is the fastest way to get medical care to your exact location when the familiar landscape has been obliterated?

The answer is an upside down American Flag.  Preferable flying high above the rubble.  Nylon and not polyester-2 U.S. Flag material is a must since nylon can be seen from miles away. 

Emergency services personnel will seek out an American Flag in distress. A primary instinct and objective will be to go to the U.S. Flagpole flying an upside down U.S. Flag and right that problem.

Back to you at your destroyed 300+ person former factory. You have no phones or communications.  No recognizable streets, buildings, or other reference points.  Moving injured and evacuating to the hospital is impossible.  And your 50' Corporate U.S. Flagpole is bent over and unusable.  In this case, here is what you would do.

You would take your reserve backup 20' Tornado U.S. Flagpole and quickly drop it into a pre-installed 20' Flagpole ground sleeve.

The reason we say 20' Tornado Flagpole, instead of maybe a 30' or 40' or 50' Tornado Flagpole for a backup, is because a single individual human can put a 20-footer into the ground sleeve: and have your distress signal flying in under 5-minutes.

So why not get a telescoping U.S. Flagpole as your backup?  It's compact and much smaller for storage then a 20' single aluminum Tornado Flagpole shaft. 

Actually we recommend exactly that. For those of you who have limited "bunker" space and budget.  The telescoping is a great option.  Our ApexFlags.com founder George has an old telescoping pole as his backup for our ApexFlags.com Test Flagpole. 

YET: a telescoping Flagpole is not a good main pole option.  The wind speeds are too low for practical purposes.

The the problem, as we see it with your backup U.S. Flagpole being anything but a Tornado Pole, if you truly want to be totally prepared to survive; is you never know what might come next. 

First you're wiped out by a hurricane, and then a waterspout comes ashore and knocks down your backup pole. Leaving you with no distress signal in a landscape totally unrecognizable. 

You could walk a block away and loose your way. But if you had a Flagpole still flying a U.S. Flag, you would know exactly where you are. Which can help you, your family, friends, employees, and emergency personnel reconnoiter the aftermath.

This 20' Tornado Flagpole is the highest rated non custom U.S. Flagpole available in the world. Even a direct F5 tornado hit on this 225 mph flagged and 315 mph unflagged Tornado Pole could keep you flying strong.

Don't get caught short. We recommend a backup Flagpole.  But if you only could have one Flagpole, then this 20' Tornado Flagpole is a great main and backup option.

20' is perfect for homes and businesses.  The way to decide what height to get, is to determine if you want your U.S. Flagpole higher then your building. Lower then building height. Or equal to your building's height.  Add 20 to 30-feet more then building height, if you want your U.S. Flag to be seen from every point on the compass. 

If you live in the Midwest or Gulf Coast, then we seriously recommend you spend the money and get a Tornado Flagpole. In reality, your life, could depend on this decision.

As our Company owner George says: 

"It truly amazes how many choices surround the Flag of the United States, but how few real options there really are when you consider your personal, family, and employee safety preparedness."

If you have any questions, please contact our Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.

Thank you,

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