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Flagpoles > 30-foot Internal Halyard 101 mph flagged
30-foot Internal Halyard 101 mph flagged

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Price: $1,499.00

This is a single shaft, internal wire-core rope halyard, tapered aluminum Flagpole. This 30' Flagpole has an unflagged windspeed of 119 mph and a flagged windspeed of 101 mph when flying the recommended 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag

Internal halyard Flagpoles have many advantages including a 360-degree turning pulley truck which keeps your U.S. Flag flying perfectly in any direction wind.

Internal halyard Flagpoles also have a locking access door for added security.  A locking access door is absolutely key in today's world. Locking Flagpoles are no different than securing anything of intrinsic value.

This ApexFlags.com 30-foot internal wire-core rope halyard Flagpole also comes with a large gold leaf copper ball.  Gold leaf balls keep thier gold color over the years.  Standard anodized aluminum balls are flimsy, and fade overtime into a beer can silver. 

The purpose of a Flagpole ball is to prevent "Flag flopping". This is where the Flag receives an updraft and literally flops over the top of the Flagpole. The ball aids in the Flag sliding right off.  Flimsy aluminum Balls can often bend the "spindle", and even break off your Flagpole ball. But not a copper core gold leaf ball.  That copper core spindle will stay straight and strong for decades.

This 30' internal wire-core rope halyard Flagpole is what you want for the perfect flying Flag.  Add in gold leaf ball, brass hardware, Wire-core rope, and the piece of mind that comes with a locking door to prevent unauthorized lowering of your Flag.  All; with a great flagged windspeed rating of 101.

For most of us, this is the perfect U.S. Flagpole.

Many clients wonder if they should get an internal rope halyard with cleat Flagpole like this 30-footer on this page, or an internal wire-cable Flagpole with a winch. Here is the reality.

For any Flagpole under 40-feet tall we recommend internal rope cleat halyards, they are less expensive and do the job perfectly.  For Flagpoles over 40-feet tall then we recommend internal winch halyard Flagpoles.

You want a winch once your go over 40-feet due to the weight of the Flag and counter-weight to be raised. Once you get into large 12-foot hoist high or higher Flags then you'll want the winch to help raise and lower your Flag.

We're here to help you.  Big projects and small. We have worked them all. ApexFlags.com staff has hands on experience in handling large Flags and Flagpoles.  We know the "nuisances" that exist choosing U.S. Flags, Flagpoles, and hardware.

If you have any questions, please contact our ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.

Thank you.

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