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Flagpoles > 35-foot - External Halyard: 200+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE
35-foot - External Halyard: 200+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE

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Price: $3,499.00

This is an ApexFlags.com exclusive 35' Tornado Flagpole. Smart for anyone who wants to make sure that their U.S. Flag and Flagpole are functional after anything.

This Tornado 35' Flagpole has a likely flagged windspeed of 200+ mph when flying the included a 5'x9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag, and can withstand 255 mph F4 winds unflagged.  Ready to fly a distress signal if need be after the storm. 

If you have the money, and live anywhere with severe weather, and you want to make sure your U.S. Flagpole is still standing after almost any event; then the ApexFlags.com Tornado Flagpoles are your line of Flagpoles. Fire, Police, Military, National Guard, Corporations, Aid Agencies, anyone or group who must have a U.S. Flag flying should have an ApexFlags.com Tornado Flagpole.

Pretty simple calculation on which U.S. Flagpole to choose. Ask yourself: does my U.S. Flagpole need to be standing after anything?  If yes is the answer then you want a Tornado Flagpole no matter what.

No matter what because, when you purchase a Tornado 35' Flagpole you also get, included in the price, a backup aftermath 20' telescoping Flagpole with U.S. Flag, just to be totally prepared. 

NOTE: ApexFlags.com never recommends 20' telescoping poles for everyday use. Telescoping Flagpoles are week and wear out in years not decades. 

However, we do highly recommend telescoping poles as a backup to your main U.S. Flagpole. Our Company Founder George even has telescoping backup to our ApexFlags.com Test Flagpole.  "Just to be Eagle Scout Prepared" he says.

Telescoping Flagpoles are great back up; only. But if needed, they are compact, lightweight, and easy to store in a hardened place. Telescoping Backups are also easy to install after a catastrophe, especially if you have already pre-installed the ground sleeve and it is prepared to receive the telescoping shaft. Telescoping Flagpoles also have a security mechanism to prevent unauthorized lowering, should looting occur after the event.

Even with an ApexFlags.com Tornado Flagpole; your Flagpole surviving a tornado is a crap shoot.  Even a 35' Tornado Flagpole can be sacked by a flying bus.  This is why you get the telescoping backup include at no charge with this 35' Tornado Flagpole.

If you are buying this Tornado 35' for safety and emergency preparedness, and ApexFlags.com is your Flag Advisor, then you should absolutely have a backup U.S. Flagpole. 

 If your landscape is obliterated; a 20' U.S. Flagpole will rise above the rubble for sure.  And emergency personnel will know where to come if you need help.

So be prepared.  Have your 35-foot Tornado Flagpole ready for practically everything. And if you by chance get knocked down, you have your ApexFlags.com 20' telescoping backup to call: "HELP American in distress!"

If it were our Founder George? During tornado and hurricane season? He'd fly a MIL SPEC 3.5' x 6.65' U.S. Flag from this 35-foot Tornado Flagpole and increase the windspeed rating to over 220+ flagged, and also have a U.S. Flag which is MIL SPEC and can handle and stay together in near any kind of weather. 

If you have any questions, commends, orders, or instructions, please contact the ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.



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