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Flagpoles > 35-foot - External Halyard: 86 mph flagged
35-foot - External Halyard: 86 mph flagged

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This is a 35' external halyard two section tapered aluminum Flagpole. The mph windspeed rating is 86-flagged and 104-unflagged. 

Comes standard with gold leaf copper Ball, and also wire-core rope halyard. Why is wire-core rope halyard so important? Because it holds your cleat knot tight. Where standard rope halyard will stretch and can result in a sloppy Flag.

What is wire-core rope? It is rope with a wire down the middle. So if you rope halyard breaks the wire will save the day.

Also very good security on external halyard Flagpole. You can also mount your cleat higher and use a padlock to secure the cleat knot.

That is what I do with my external halyard Flagpole.

If you need a 35' U.S. Flagpole able to withstand a tornado then click here .  It's windspeed rating is 200+ mph flagged. And 255 unflagged. With the wire-core rope you'll be in good business through just about any type of storm.

In fact, I'll bet that if you flew the included 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC Storm U.S. Flag during a hurricane that you would find your MIL SPEC U.S. Flag strong for the duration and more. 

Those Flags are built for U.S. Naval vessels everyday fighting the Seven Seas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. George@Apexflags.com.

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