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Flagpoles > 90-foot to 130-foot Steel Flagpole - External Halyard - call for better pricing
90-foot to 130-foot Steel Flagpole - External Halyard - call for better pricing

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $20,000.00

This Flagpole is a 130' Steel Flagpole. For other sizes call (208) 713-5000.  It is external halyard.  All Flagpoles over 80-feet tall are steel. Let your vision run. But aware that steel Flagpoles are heavy and expensive and expensive to ship and tricky to install. 

And that flying a large U.S. Flag require dedicated ongoing maintenance best solved by having three U.S. Flags on hand for rotation as follows: one on the pole, one with the re-hemmer, and one on the shelf ready to go. When one is retired order another new. That is how you maintain a great looking U.S. Flag display. 

Check out the 130' tall Idaho Governor's Mansion U.S. Flag that we supply. The Flag is 30-foot high by 50-foot long and is nylon.  This is an amazing display in true life. 

This U.S. Flagpole sits high a top a hill where Idaho Potato King J.R. Simplot settled his home.  He donated the property to Idaho prior to his passing away. 

You can see this Simplot Hill U.S. Flag Display easily from 10-miles away.  The nylon material of this 30'x50' U.S. Flag amplifies the viability from great ranges.  Something polyester cannot do. And sitting on top of "Simplot Hill" the 130' Flagpole is actually more like 530' up above those below.

So if you are thinking about doing an complex U.S. Flag display, then I hope you contact me. I love to work on these types of projects.  Call me at (208) 319-6526 or email George@ApexFlags.com.

Thank you: GEORGE

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