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Flagpoles > 40-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 140 mph flagged
40-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 140 mph flagged

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Price: $2,199.00

This is a 40-foot high, external halyard, two section tapered, aluminum Flagpole. It has a flagged windspeed of 140-mph when flying the recommended 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC "Storm" U.S. Flag in inclemency. 

When flying a daily 8.95' x 17' MIL SPEC "Army Post" U.S. Flag; then 120-mph; or a 10' x 19' MIL SPEC "USMC Post" U.S. Flag; 115-mph.

Remember the larger the U.S. Flag, the lower your windspeed rating.  Exponentially this is true for smaller Flags.  For example this 40' Flagpole flying a 2.33' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag will approach the unflagged windspeed is 195 mph.

If you are emergency respondents and have a Flagpole at your location then we highly recommend that you shelve a  2.33' x 4.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag, for things like Hurricanes.

This 40', external halyard Flagpole is ApexFlags.com exclusively configured for top performance and elegant proud beauty.

Specially appointed with ApexFlags,com "standard" gold leaf copper ball, wire-core rope halyard, brass hardware, ground sleeve, flash-collar, and everything you'll need to get up a flying proudly for decades of low maintenance 24-hour Flag flying.

ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division has exclusively configuration this 40' external halyard Flagpole to get you through almost anything unflagged; with a windspeed rating of 195-mph. Then when the severity has passed; hoist old glory and your are back in business.

Now if you really want to ride out a storm in style... Then check out the 175+ mph flagged windspeed 40' Tornado Flagpole.  The ApexFlags.com exclusive Tornado 40' has an unflagged windspeed is 231 mph.

With a 40' Tornado Flagpole you could fly a MIL SPEC Storm Flag during a really sever storm; and likely still be flying proudly after.  Now that would be something to see.

But for most of us, this 40' 140 mph flagged Flagpole is likely way enough except in catastrophic conditions. Or unless you must have a Flagpole standing, like fire, police, government, and military facilities. Then get the highest rated 40' Flagpole made in the world, the 40' Tornado Flagpole.

If you have any questions, please contact our ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.


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