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Flagpoles > 50-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 175+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE
50-foot EXTERNAL HALYARD 175+ mph flagged TORNADO POLE

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Price: $5,999.00

The 50-foot Tornado U.S. Flagpole is the largest of the Tornado Flagpoles.

The unflagged windspeed on this Tornado 50' is 230 mph. When flying an everyday 10' x 19' USMC Post U.S. Flag you can expect Flagged windspeeds 150+ mph.

Increase the flagged windspeed to 175+ when flying the  Military's "Storm" Flag 5' x 9.5' MIL SPEC U.S. Flag.

The 50-foot Tornado Flagpole should survive anything but an upper F5 tornado.  You can even fly a MIL SPEC 2.37' x 4.5' U.S. Flag during watches and warnings, and you'll likely increase the flagged windspeed on this 50' Tornado Flagpole to 200+ flagged.

Pretty simple calculation on which U.S. Flagpole to choose. Ask yourself: does my U.S. Flagpole need to be standing after anything?  If yes is the answer then you want a Tornado Flagpole no matter what.  No matter what because, when you purchase a Tornado 50' Flagpole you also get, included in the price, a backup aftermath 20' telescoping Flagpole with U.S. Flag, just to be totally prepared. 

NOTE: ApexFlags.com never recommends 20' telescoping poles for everyday use, over years; because telescoping poles are week and wear out in years not decades.

However, we do highly recommend telescoping poles as a backup to your main U.S. Flagpole. Our Company Founder George even has telescoping backup to our ApexFlags.com Test Flagpole.  "Just to be Eagle Scout Prepared" he says.

Telescoping Flagpoles are great back up. Only. But if needed, they are compact, lightweight, and easy to store in a hardened place. Telescoping Backups are also easy to install after a catastrophe, especially if you have already pre-installed the ground sleeve and it is prepared to receive the telescoping shaft. Telescoping Flagpoles also have a security mechanism to prevent unauthorized lowering.

Your Flagpole surviving a tornado is a crap shoot.  Even a 50' Tornado Flagpole can be tackled by a flying car.  This is why you get the telescoping backup include at no charge.  Because if you are buying this Tornado 50' for safety and emergency preparedness, and ApexFlags.com is your Flag Advisor, then you should absolutely have a backup U.S. Flagpole.   If your landscape is obliterated; a 20' U.S. Flagpole will rise above the rubble for sure.

So be prepared.  Have your 50-foot Tornado Flagpole ready for practically everything. And if you by chance get knocked down, you have your ApexFlags.com 20' telescoping backup to call for help American in distress help.

ApexFlags? We are not in a tornado or hurricane zone.  Our test Flagpole however sits 6000' atop an Idaho rocky mountain ridge.  And although we get 50+ winds a lot. For extended periods of time. Our test Flagpole is not likely to see a supercell twister.

But still, if you have the money get a Tornado Flagpole for any wind environment.  Because the Tornado Flagpole is the most stable Flag platform at any wind speed.  Note this: the higher the Flagpole windspeed rating the less pole waggle; and more stable platform.

If you live in the Midwest or along the coast. And you want to make sure your 50' Flagpole is going to be standing regardless of what catastrophe. Then get a Tornado Flagpole.

The Tornado Flagpole series are the highest rated Flagpoles made in the world.  In reality the small extra cost of a Tornado Flagpole is perhaps worth the piece of mind. 

Here is a good example of places that should always have a U.S. Flagpole standing regardless.  City Halls, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Hospitals, Military Bases, Schools, Businesses, and individuals. That about covers everyone.

So our suggestion would be that if you can't be without a U.S. Flag, ever, then do as an Eagle Scout would do and be prepared. The most prepared your can be is with this 50' Tornado U.S. Flagpole

If you have any questions, please contact the ApexFlags.com Flagpole Division at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com

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