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Flagpoles > 20-foot - Telescoping - 50 mph flagged - BACKUP FLAGPOLE
20-foot - Telescoping - 50 mph flagged - BACKUP FLAGPOLE

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This is a 20-foot tall when expanded telescoping Flagpole. It is about 5' tall when collapsed. We do not recommend this as an everyday Flagpole, but it is an excellent backup Flagpole for anyone concerned with emergency preparedness.

Your emergency preparedness. You have your food, your water, your documents, your strategic plan.  You are ready. How ready?  we need to ask.

The reason we ask is that if you do not have any Flagpole then you are far from ready.  In fact: so far that if you needed help in an aftermath, you could be without any means for calling for such help.

But if you have a Flagpole you stand a much better chance of getting a response. Especially if you fly your U.S. Flag upside down, that is the American call sign for "Americans in Distress".

Here you are at ApexFlags.com.  Thank you for vistiting. You either already have a Flagpole or you are looking for a Flagpole.   Well in each case, we recommend having a telescoping 20' Flagpole as a backup.  Regardless. 

You never know. With a telescoping Flagpole you can keep it stored away some place secure, until you need it. And when you do?  There it is for you. So even if you already have a Flagpole. Even a big one.  We still highly insist that you have a 20' Telescoping Flagpole as your Backup. 

In an aftermath, a 20-foot Flagpole will look large if everything around you is devastated.

NOTE: those of you just looking for one Flagpole. Let us recommend this--Get the size and windspeed you want, and then also get this telescoping Flagpole as your backup.  George our Founder and CEO GEORGE has a telescoping pole as a backup, of course he's an Eagle Scout and always prepared. 

Again. You never know. And what a shame to know you already knew.

If you have any questions, please contact CustomerService@ApexFlags.com.

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