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Flagpoles > 30-foot Internal Halyard 150+ mph flagged TYPHOON POLE
30-foot Internal Halyard 150+ mph flagged TYPHOON POLE

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This is an internal halyard ApexFlags.com Typhoon Flagpole.  This Typhoon Flagpole has a flagged windspeed rating of 150+ mph.  The unflagged windspeed is 255.

If you live and work in a hurricane, cyclone or typhoon zone, then this internal halyard Typhoon Flagpole is a must.  

A must because, after a climactic event such as a cyclonic storm, the importance of your Flagpole may become life and death.  If after an "event" you had, for example, injured employees at your factory, you could easily call for help by flying your U.S. Flag upside down from the Typhoon Flagpole.

This is the international sign for distress.  Emergency personnel all know this.  Therefore when they see a U.S. Flag upside down they know there are Americans in need of help.  They will naturally respond.  And if you have a 35-foot high ApexFlags.com Typhoon Flagpole rising above the rubble; then you'll be seen absolutely for sure.  

One last key about emergency preparedness as it relates to the indispensable U.S. Flag; fly nylon Flags.  The reason is that nylon can be seen so much further than polyester 2; when nylon is backlit from the sun, it can be seen for 10's of miles.

The nylon material "glows" red and white. Add waving to the mix and you and your distress signal will be see for miles. But not if your Flagpole was knocked down during the event.

If you absolutely want to make sure your Flagpole has the best change of surviving a major weather event; then get this ApexFlags.com Typhoon Flagpole.  

The ApexFlags.com Typhoon Flagpole line is only second to external halyard Tornado Flagpole line.  This is because external halyard Flagpoles have fewer parts of hardware to fail when put under extreme stress.  Additionally the external halyard Flagpole is a much more stable Flag flying platform in major winds.  While Internal halyard Flagpoles fly the "perfect" Flags, except in very high winds. 

See the picture to the below.  That is an internal halyard Flagpole in a slightly major wind.  See how it is "luffing". This luffing is unstable in very high winds.

But with external halyard Flagpoles appointed with wire-core rope halyards, as comes standard with all ApexFlags.com Flagpoles,  and cleated taught; then the external halyard Flagpole is absolutely the most stable platform in high winds. Simple as that. 

So simple we have an entire ApexFlags.com Division dedicated Flagpoles.  Contact us at Flagpoles@ApexFlags.com.







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